1955 sports issue errors

At the Mid-Cities stamp show here in Arlington Texas i found a C90 used pair with imperf between. I checked all the books and catalogs and found that Lothar von Saleski did show the C90 as C538a as a horizontal pair with imperf but not as a vertical pair. Does anyone have any more info on this ?



  • The perforation errors in this issue are probably too numerous to list them all. Over time I have seen quite a number of them offered on eBay and elsewhere. But, this is the first time I see one of these errors postally used. The strip below is from my own collection - mint, as usual.


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    Here are 3 scans of C88 with mis-perfs and imperf errors. I was able to get this lot at a auction for $2.00 total. Does anyone have anymore items like these ? Thanks Albert
     Scan 753
    Scan 756
    Scan 759
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