#176-182, O111-O112

Here is a block of 8 of #176c Triple surcharge had i got many years ago. Just today i looked at it one more time and saw what i never saw before. The stamp on the top right shows the upside down '1' in the 1920's. You also see in the top middle stamp and the bottom left stamp the print stop that looks like a 'E' backwards after the 1920. You also see a little bit of that in the bottom right stamp showing in front of the 1920. I saw those but never saw the upside down '1'. Anyone have anything to post on #176.


  • This #178b has a missing '2' in the 1920. Used copy dated 27 XII 20. Any other ones like this around ?
  • Hi Albert,

    I think my block is from the same sheet as yours! If you look at your bottom left stamp, it lines up perfectly with my bottom right stamp.

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    Looks right to me. Wow how about that. I got that block from a S.S. Kahn a stamp dealer in Dallas sometime in the 1970's. Mr Kahn got all his Liberian stamps from Philip Cockhill. The story Mr. Kahn told me is that they both meet in London sometime in the 1950's. Almost everything i got in Liberia came from Mr. Kahn in those early days.
  • Just figured I would throw in a scan of the official version of the double surcharge, with inverted ones in 1920.

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    Thanks for your post. Here are 5 more photos to see.

    #176 Inverted 'S'

    #178 Double overprint with missing '2' in 1920

    O111 Pair Inverted 'S' on right stamp and filled zero in 1920

    #O111c Double overprint one inverted

    #O111b Double overprint with one upright quad

    Any more to post. Send them in.

  • Here are a couple 4c on 2c ordinary rarities.

    The typewritten surcharge is a nice illustration of why it happened. Here the overprint was inverted and shifted so they put the sheet in a typewriter and typed along the top row...

    It pays to check stamps in detail. Here is a quintuple 4c on 2c surcharge!

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    Thanks for showing the Typewritten surcharge. A very rare stamp, hard to find these days.

    The Quintuple on #177 is listed as #177e. I guess the bars at the top are from the stamp above.

  • Hi Albert.
    The Scott I have lists 177e as quadruple (4x). This one is 5x, all normal.
    It is easy to see 2x "FOUR" in the middle of the stamp and 3x "CENTS" on the lower portion of the stamp.

    Yes, the three sets of bars at the top of the stamp are from the stamp above, and corresponds to the shifted 3x "FOUR CENTS" at the bottom of this stamp, almost obliterated by the double overprint more properly centered!
  • Bryant,

    Now i see the 2 Four in the middle and the 3 Four at the bottom. I also see the 3 1920 at the bottom. But i only see one 1920 at the top ? Is it there ?

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    I have two more scans to show. One is #177 the other is #O112.

    #177 used block of 4 with 4 overprints and a raised 'T' in the top left stamp and a 'I' in place of the 1 in 1920 in the bottom left stamp..

    #O112 used block of 4 with another raised 'T' in the bottom right stamp.

    Does anyone else have any stamps to post ?


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    Here is a used strip of 3 on piece of #180-Showing positions 21,22,23-P21 two smaller short bars in front of bars to right hand quads-P22 left quad bars vertical-
    P23 lead spacing bar in front of “1920” showing clearly as an “E” rather than a solid bar
    Looks the date is '15 III 23' Monrovia-A little hard to see.
    Hope to see more on this issue. Post anything you might have.
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    Anything from Anybody ? I guess not ?
  • I give up. Thanks.
  • Just got this. #180 with 2 spacing bars. One is before the 1920, the other is after the 1920. Anymore out there ? Let me know...Albert

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    Here are 2 copies of #179d Orange-Red 5c on 10c, both postally used. They are very odd with the backward 'E' stop after the '1920' date. They both have a Double Overprint with one inverted. The first one has the backward 'E' stop at the bottom. The 2nd one has it at the top. They made a nice pair. Hope you enjoy looking. Albert...

  • Here's another 177 quintiple overprint
    unlisted in Scott. That makes two documented copies in existence.
    Anyone else discovered a copy?
  • Here is a block of 4 of #O112. Does not have 4 overprints on one stamp but does have double overprints on the whole block. Also has a 'I' on the top left stamp in place of a '1'.

  • One more for the forum. Block of 4 of #177 with double overprints and the top left stamp has a 'I' in place of a '1' in both of the overprints.

  • I have a full sheet of O112, double overprint, 1 inverted. I zoomed in on the upper corner so you can see it better.

  • Here is #179 Orange-Red with a nice shift overprint. Anymore out there.

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