#153f Missing bar

Here is #153f with missing bar over the '1c'. Does anyone have one like this ?


  • Albert

    I only have ones with a bar showing
  • I have one. Don't know why I never scanned it. I am still looking for the same variety of the official stamp, though.
  • I have sold four of these but have not seen the official.
  • I haven't seen it either. It is listed by Cockrill, though (booklet 9, page 32).
  • I have one missing the bar. I probably got it from Marty. :smiley:
    I don't have any of the official missing the bar.

  • The missing bar is constant in the sheet of 50 (as overprinted). It is present in both the regular and official sheets, being the stamp in the top row of the sheet. Martin, you stated that you have not seen the official. I guess you have forgotten that you sold these, along with the two 5 cent sheets to me several years ago. Note of interest, all are from the first setting.
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