#191a Center Inverted

After 47 years of collecting Liberia i just got a copy of #191a. This stamp is know only in CTO. How many are out there ?


  • Hi Albert,

    I am not sure how many are out there but I have three of them and over the years, I have seen eleven sell at auctions, including a block of 4. One would assume that an entire sheet was produced which would mean that there could be as many as 50 of them. I see that Manfred has one on his site as well.

  • In over 50 years of collecting, I have secured three copies of 191a including a bottom margin copy. Rarely have I seen a copy available for sale.

    ps We could use 191a as our first census item since we've got it started here.
    Your friend,
  • I have one. Also CTO.
  • I have had two, to avoid double counting one went to Travis and one to Tony Martin in the UK.

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