#90 ?

Here is a stamp i got years ago. The APS certificate that came with it says it's a #90 postally used. But i think someone made a error. As you can see from the photo the 'O S' is printed on it not handstamped. Any ideas ? Maybe it should be listed as #77a. Any ideas ?


  • Albert, I would agree it does not appear to be a handstamped OS so it cannot be a #90. If I had it, I would like to see if the cancel is over the ORDINARY or if the overprint was added after the cancel. I'd also like to get Henry and Bryant's take on the overprint.
  • Alan

    I took another look at the stamp. Its hard to tell but to me the cancel is both over the ORDINARY and the Red 'S' in 'O S'. That's the best i can do. Any more ideas ?
  • I just looked at the 'O S' today on the stamp. It is not printed on. The red 'O' is not even around the outside. The 'O S' is stamped by hand NOT printed on. So it's a #90 or #77var used. It has the same color as auction lot #60 in the H.R. Harmer sale of Wm. Thomas Lockard collection. My has a cancel of '21 OC' and lot #60 has a cancel of 'OCT 1902'. Also lot #66 in the catalog shows a #90 stamp but the color is not the same as my stamp and the stamp in lot #60. So what is it ? Anyone know. Could my stamp be the #77var that Scott listed at one time the catalog but took out in 1988 ? Does anyone have any idea ?

  • There is nothing about this 'O S' imprint that would make me think it is handstamped. It looks exactly like the 'O S' overprint on #O22. It has the right font and is at the right position.
    It may not be listed by any of the major catalogs, but the 1894 'O S' issue of the 32c greenish blue with ORDINARY overprint is listed by Cockrill in booklet no. 25 (see page 21).
    Albert, you sent me a scan of your stamp years ago, and ever since it is listed as 77A on my homepage, following Scott's naming scheme.
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    I looked thru many of my older stamp auction catalogs and found some listing showing the .32 Greenish Blue listed as Scott # 77A. So my APS certificate is wrong. My stamp is a # 77A. But it's not in the Scott catalog anymore ? Why was it taken out ? I might try to see if Scott will list it. But i failed some years ago trying them to correct the date on #O155 and #O156. They list it as 1926 which is wrong. The date should be 1923.
  • Albert,
    the "prices realized" you sent out made me take another look at the Lockard sale. Check out lot #60:
    #77 Var., 1901-02 32c Greenish blue Official handstamped "Ordinary", wonderfully fresh and bright, bold "Monrovia, Liberia/Oct, 1902" datestamp, Very Fine and choice; listed in Scott at least until 1988 and then mysteriously deleted.

  • Thanks Manfred. Lot #60 is the like the stamp i have. Maybe one day i can get APS to give me a correct paper on it. Who ever said it was #90 was wrong. Big time !
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