#90 ?

Here is a stamp i got years ago. The APS certificate that came with it says it's a #90 postally used. But i think someone made a error. As you can see from the photo the 'O S' is printed on it not handstamped. Any ideas ? Maybe it should be listed as #77a. Any ideas ?


  • Albert, I would agree it does not appear to be a handstamped OS so it cannot be a #90. If I had it, I would like to see if the cancel is over the ORDINARY or if the overprint was added after the cancel. I'd also like to get Henry and Bryant's take on the overprint.
  • Alan

    I took another look at the stamp. Its hard to tell but to me the cancel is both over the ORDINARY and the Red 'S' in 'O S'. That's the best i can do. Any more ideas ?
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