1949 - Love of Liberty Issue - Do you have any gutter pairs?

This collector needs your help.

I am looking for proof of how the complete printer sheets of this issue were printed and your help is greatly appreciated.

In von Saleski's Liberian Specialized Catalogue, he tells us that the arrangement of the two panes on a single printer's sheet differs from the first to the second printing. That is definitely true. I have printer sheets or gutter pairs that prove von Saleski's arrangement of the second printing is accurate, that is, 1c/2c, 3c/5c, & 25c/50c.

Von Saleski states the postage issues were printed two of the same denomination to each printer's sheet, and the two airmails were printed together on the same printer's sheet.

Despite years of searching, I have never seen, yet alone be able to purchase, gutter pairs with the 2c/2c or 3c/3c postage stamps. Have you?

What I can prove is the first printing was printed as follows: 1c/1c, 2c/3c, 5c/5c, & 25c/50c.

Alternatively, while I've seen a lower right block of the 3c with color block marginal markings (see LPS Journal Oct-Dec 2019, pg 14), I have never seen any 2c block with color block marginal markings. Such a 2c block would suggest that the 2c was also printed with two panes.

Was von Saleski misinformed about the arrangement of the 2c and 3c sheets? or is he correct?

Please check your collections and see if you have any gutter pairs that are 2c/2c or 3c/3c and let me know either way.
Together we can continue to expand, and document, the knowledge of Liberian philately...at least in this small area...71 years after the issuance of this colorful set.

Thanks so much for your help.

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