Scott catalog.

Does anyone have a older Scott Catalog than 1988 ? I'm looking to see if Scott listed a stamp .32 Greenish blue as a var of #77.


  • One more time to ask. Does anyone have a Scott catalog older than 1988 that shows the .32 cent Greenish blue as a var of #77 ?
  • Does anyone have a older SCOTT STAMP CATALOG that shows a .32 cent Greenish Blue stamp as #77a ? I was told it was listed as such til 1988 when it was dropped from the catalog. Can anyone help ?
  • Does anyone read these ?
  • Hi Albert,

    I read them but I don't have any old catalogs laying around. I did make it into the Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library today and found an older Scott catalog. This image is from a 1948 catalog.

  • This one is from 1933...

  • Thank you Travis for doing this. I'm not sure which year the Scott catalog listed a #77a .32 cent Greenish blue stamp with printed 'O S'. But H.R. Harmer said it was deleted from the catalog in 1988 ?
  • Albert, not sure if this will be of any assistance, but I've just reviewed the 1926, 1927 and 1935 Scott catalogues. In all three, #77 is type A18, the $2 brown,yellow. The only .32 listed is the hand stamp OS listed as #87. The listings also has the .32 with two varieties, 87a and 87b, which are identical to the listed in the catalogue photo Travis sent in that is pictured above. So it would seem that if a 77a was listed by Scott, it would have occurred between 1949 and 1987 based on what we know so far.
  • Thank you for that update on #77a ? Does anyone have a Scott catalog for 1980 to 1987 ?
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