188012c cancel

Another query

The cancel on this 1880 12c looks like Type CP11 (Cockrill Series #8) but is missing the year

Any information from anyone?


  • The year just looks like it dropped off.

    There are many, many cancellations on the 1880 stamps. Most all are cancelled to order and dated around 1897/1898. I have a hundred or so and most with dates so close to each other, or same dates.

    There was no need to use these stamps in the 1890s, especially after 1897 when the Waterlow Issue has stamps in multiples of 5c.

    Only collect these cancelled stamps in the 1880s (unless on cover in the 1890s, and those are scarce and generally philatelic).
  • Bryant

    On re-reading Cockerill I find that he comments that CTO #1 is the same as CP 11 but without any date

    He also makes the distinction between CTO and cancelled-by-favour and concludes that CTO's started with the 1892 high values

    I'd like to think that this is a CP11 but the year part of the cancel stamp came off and no one noticed!

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