Palo Albums

My collection is not in the best condition from being hauled all over the US and other sins of stamp collecting. Thinking of upgrading what I have.
Has anyone delt with the Palo Albums and the option of having mounts being attached and the opportunity to expand pages and sections.



  • Hi Mike,

    I don't have any and from the responses, not a lot of others do either. If you do get the Palo albums, let us know what you think.

  • You can print your own pages if you want too. I found one on ebay one time with pages that look fine when printed. I will load one and show you how it looks.
  • Mike

    I did the same as Albert and printed out at home

    I found these very useful at organising my then embryo collection

    The only slight issue is that they don't cover all variants but I was able to duplicate the layout with text in Acrobat to print supplementary pages that suited my own collection.

  • I make my own pages in Microsoft power point. And I do them consistently so I can use them in exhibits.
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