Elephant watercolour found for sale

I have been tracking down some illustrations that clearly served as models for engravings within the 1892 Waterlow & Sons and the 1906 Perkins, Bacon pictorial series among others. I have been writing up a couple of papers featuring these for possible inclusion in the LPS Journal, if Travis thinks that they make the grade.

I have also just found that one of those images, a pencil-and-watercolour elephant which I believe must have been the basis for the 1906 Perkins, Bacon 1 cent stamp, is currently for sale.

It occurs to me that - if there is a member whose pockets and commitment are deeper than mine - they might not thank me if they got to reading about it in some future issue of the LPS Journal, were minded to buy a thing of beauty, but then found that the painting had been long sold. So I thought I should mention it here and now.

The watercolour was produced around 1893 (to be an illustration for Richard Lydekker’s "The Royal Natural History") and is by Pierre Jacques Smit (Dutch-but-working-in-London, 1863-1960):
"Loxodonta Africana (African Elephant)"
Pencil and watercolor
Signed lower right: P.J. Smit
Paper size: 5 1/8 x 7 7/8 in.

It is on sale through a gallery in Philadelphia, at ... $15,000 (plus taxes, shipping, &c.)

Or you could look into the link and tell me whether you agree that this was surely the model for that 1-cent elephant.


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