Liberian Postal Stationery (2012) Dr. Robert E. Shoemaker


has anyone used this book? If so, opinions on its usefulness would be helpful

Also, any idea where I might get a copy? UPSS have a copy for $20 but want $35 extra for shipping!


  • The book is $20 postpaid. Why the $35 for shipping ? Do you live outside the USA ?
  • I'm in bonnie Scotland
  • It is by far the most comprehensive book on Liberian postal stationery. There are quite a few mistakes though and Manfred and I have been cataloging them. There are also some questionable differences between colors but overall, I don't think you will find a better reference. If you do get it and have questions, I believe Bryant has most of Shoemaker's stationery collection except the airmail items which I have those.
  • In Scotland...So that's why the shipping is high. I'm always finding books in England and the shipping is always $35 to $45.

    2nd question for you...Have you ever been to the Shetland Islands ? I would like to visit there one day.
  • Travis

    thanks.Most helpful
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