#215 and #216 Imperf Proofs

Here are 3 photos of Imperf Proofs on #215 and #216. They come with with smooth white gum. The issued stamps come with gum breakers. The first proof #215 is claret and brown. The second #215 is a trail color proof in red and brown. The third proof #216 is in lilac and black. Any more out there ? Is so please post them. Thank you. Albert


  • Here are the two that I own...

  • Thanks Travis
  • Attached are a few scans of officials of this set. NOTE - the scans are NOT proofs, In June of 2013, a dealer offered several imperf CTO “color errors” of the officials of this set. The colors differed from the issued values. Because the colors of scans on eBay offerings are often a little off, the fact that the stamps were CTO, and because the margins are so wide in this issue, I was a little suspect, but bid on them nevertheless. There was some competition, but I was successful on five of the items. After receiving them, upon close examination it was clear that they had been trimmed to imperforate, and bleached (or some other fading process) to distort the colors. I contacted the seller with my suspicions and offered to have them expertised at my expense. He was quite emphatic in denying my request and refunded my payment after I returned the stamps. Another member was duped at the same time with the same result, except that he had to go through a looonng process through eBay. Even Henry bought one just out of curiosity. More than two of us must have complained because suddenly emails from eBay stated that some items from this dealer were “non-compliant” and should not be paid for.

    The dealer’s selling moniker is (was?) fainakey, and also went by the name dina1-2007 but shipments came from the same address with the same name Semyon Spector. So he had at least two eBay accounts, although he no doubt operates under a different name and account today.

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