Help, please - "Liberia, the West African Republic"

Does anybody have a copy of (or access to) the little book "Liberia, the West African Republic"? It is by Richard A. Henries (the long-time Speaker of the Liberian House of Representatives, as seen on Scott #614-5) and his wife A. Doris Bank Henries, and was published at various stages by Frederick Bruns, Herman Jaffe, and Macmillan?

I would like a chance to take a (virtual) peak at the illustrations.


  • Martin,

    You can go to This will allow you to download the book for free. But caution - this apparently starts you on a thirty day free trial at Seecoalharbour for access to their books, and we all know what that might entail.
  • Greg - thanks for the tip. I took the plunge ... and the experience has been every bit as bad as we might have feared (only error messages, no actual access, concern that details have been given but cannot be cancelled because there is no clear account to access). Wish me luck on this.
  • Sorry about the bad lead. I do wish you good luck. Let us know how it finally turns out.
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