#214-227a and #0141-0154a

Anybody have any stamps from these two issues to post. I'm always looking for any type of error or any stamp with a error or anything odd looking.


  • Anyone have some to show ?
  • Sorry Albert

    all mine look boringly "normal"!
  • Interesting request Albert. Made more interesting by the lack of input. Does that mean there are so few varieties out there? Of course there is the ongoing discussion about the paper varieties, covered extensively in past issues of the LPS journal. Scott’s catalogue makes a poor attempt at the paper varieties, but does list the missing OS on the 30ct and one dollar officials. I have attached a scan of the 30ct missing OS, as well as a two dollar official with a grey OS, most likely a weak strike? This is scanned beside a normal to show that the colors are still crisp and clear, thus not a faded copy. These are from my collection. I have been tracking eBay sales for many years, and from my files have also included scans of a 30ct double OS, a 30ct missing OS block of four with a printer’s paper fold, as well as a British Post Office set of specimens (ex Varaschini). These were likely sold through our usual dealers so they may have more to offer in response to your request.

  • Seredag-The block of 4 that you showed is from my collection. Here is another photo of it. Thank-Albert
  • Here is another one that i just got in. It's #O149a Blue Color Doubled. It's a little hard to see. But it's still there.
  • Interesting timing. Here's an item that just came up on eBay, decribed as follows: "LIBERIA 1923 MAJOR ERROR & VARIETY: MISSING COLOR BLUE Star of Liberia VFU used, RR!!" Personally I don't see the color variation in the offering. Checked my dups and, other than various shades of fading or tropical stains, saw nothing of significance. By the way, it is 85 British pounds buy-it-now (about $110 US). Hmmmm!
  • No good. Scott #216 is listed as lilac & black. That stamp you showed looks like a #216 to me. Scott #O143 is listed as gray blue and black. Better stay away from that ebay seller. Any other to show ?
  • Glad to see you agree with my conclusion on the so-called missing blue. I have nothing else to show at the moment, but do have a question. As I mentioned above, Scott lists #O152b (Yvert TS144a), the one dollar official missing the OS. Do you, or anyone reading this, have one? Does it really exist? I would also be interested to know if anyone has seen any other grey OS like the one on my earlier scan. It is the only one I have ever encountered.
  • Here is a photo of #O152ab. I only have the one in my collection. Does anyone else have one to show ? Are there more out there ?

    Also i send a email to the man trying to sell that #216 with missing blue star. He said he changed the listing but he raise the price on it. The stamp on the left stamp does have a star with a diff shade of BLACK/BLUE color ? But it's not worth 165 pounds. Nice try on a stamp worth less than .25 cent. Some people will try anything to make a buck.
  • I forgot i had another #O152ab. Here is that photo.
  • So with those two shown i know Manfred may have one. So that's three know. They are all with a Greenville CTO cancels of 10.V.24. Anymore out there ?
  • Here is a pair of #O149c Double 'OS'. Anymore to show ?
  • I guess no one has anything to show or talk about.
  • In my case, you guess correctly: but I should say that this was an interesting excursion and I was surprised how much you have. Thanks.
  • I have a few more in my collection. Some diff shades of the brown, bluff and white paper. These 1923 German printed stamps were almost without any errors to speak of. All the rest of Liberian stamps had error after error. The Germans were very careful about their printings.
  • I don't have any varieties that haven't already been mentioned but I do have a couple of related items that some may find interesting.

  • Nice items. Thank you for showing them.
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