Monrovia Merchant Ship

Not philatelic, but definitely Libera related. Our cruise ship was recently docked in Toulon on the French Riviera. Docked next to us was the Monrovian merchant ship "Expedition". This was interesting in itself, but I soon noticed that, in addition to its own colors, it was flying a Ukrainian flag. Sorry if I offend anyone politically, but wouldn't it be great if ALL ships hoisted the Ukrainian colors?


  • Greg - I agree, and I am less inclined to be sympathetic to those who might not be supportive of Ukraine right now.

    The vessel you saw is a 134-passenger expedition cruise ship, refurbished in 2009 and run (as the logo on the funnel suggests) by the tour company “g Adventures”.

    While we are offering shipping-and Liberia-related holiday snaps, let me offer a couple (if I can attach them): we have just come back from Namibia, where I spotted the Woermannhaus in each of Lüderitz and in Swakopmund (collectively Woermann-Häuser?).

  • Do you still see signs of the name SOUTH-WEST AFRICA there ? Just asking.
  • Really none. In museums or preserved heritage, things from the German period are quite common perhaps because they are distinctive or lauded as old/early, but from the South African mandate period nothing - except maybe a rail-mounted "Hippo" armoured troop carrier outside Windhoek station.
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