Trimmed Stamps

Is there any way to determine if a single stamp is imperforate or a perforated stamp that has been trimmed?


  • As far as I know, there really isn't a foolproof method. That is the main reason most collectors prefer to only collect imperforate stamps in pairs. As for Liberian stamps, almost all of them can be found imperforate. Check the margins to make sure that there are no dimples left from perforations where someone has trimmed it to close to the perforations. Check the margins to make sure that they aren't too small when compared to a perforated stamp. If you have an image available, post it here and you might get some opinions. Or you could try one of our expertizers such as Henry Chlanda and others.

  • That's about what I figured. I appreciate the response.
    Great job on the newsletter. I find the articles very educational and the presentation is superb.


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