0155 Issue Date 1923

Here are 8 Diff 0155 with the dates of 1923 and 1924. Scott catalog has for the past many years listed the date as 1926. So now we have 8 diff stamps showing dates that are not 1926. The 1st photo shows a strip of 3 with the 'Gents' error and date of '14 VII 23'. I'm showing the strip upside
down so you can see the date better. The next 3 photos show the date as 1923. The last photo shows a pair with a date of 1924. My next step is to try and get the Scott catalog date changed to 1923. Big job. Does anyone else have any 0155 with the 1923 dates ?
Scan 117
Scan 118
Scan 119
Scan 120
Scan 121
Scan 122
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