Unwanted Liberia stamps

As I'm sure others do, I check out Tom Droege's StampAuction Network site occasionally

Tom recently send round an email which may help you - as with myself - put low value surplus Liberia to some good use.

Tom's basically asking for any unwanted stamps with an African-American connection to be sent to him to pass on to wannabe collectors to get them interested. I'm copying his email below but I'm sure he'd be happy to make mention of LPS in return if you mention this at the time.
He has told me that several people in his first group expressed an interest in Liberia

"As some of you may know, I manage a fund that puts money into African American founders who run high-growth companies. Because of this, I have an extensive network of African American individuals, so I thought -- Would any of them be interested in stamps from their countries of origin?
So I purchased a big collection of stamps from Africa with the intention of making small collections of stamps from different countries for my friends. They could choose whichever countries they wanted. I had 25 people respond with 2 or more countries and they are all excited. They are very touched, and many thought it would also be appreciated by their spouses and children.

I anticipate that many more could appreciate and enjoy this introduction to stamp collecting. The first 25 came from personal contacts on LinkedIn. I am sure that if I made a broader post, there would be much more interest.
Can you help me with this?

Though I already have a lot, I have some gaps. If you can help, I would love to receive any stamps from Africa or the Caribbean (particularly post-independence) as well as US issues with an African American connection, such as those from the Famous Americans (Carver and Booker T.) and African American Heritage series. I've made simple gifts of the MLK stamp before and people have been very grateful. I am not asking for anything valuable. FDC's, mint and used stamps, and plate blocks are all welcome. Additionally, basic supplies such as stock books, vario pages, and tongs would be greatly appreciated. As then I can include some basic supplies when I put together each package. Your help would mean so much! Thank you!

If you have something that you would like to trade, I can give you credit in our next auction. There will be some good stuff up for grabs, so it'll be worth your while.

Any questions, I am glad to discuss -- just reply to this email. If you want to send material, you can send it to me, Tom Droege, Droege Computing Services, Inc. 20 West Colony Place, Suite 120, Durham NC 27705.
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