At the last LPS Zoom meeting Marty Nee showed a number of covers and stationery items that he's recently acquired. On one of these was written "Bookpost" and Marty asked of anyone knew what this meant. Bryant Korn commented that it was probably to show a reduced postage rate for printed material.

I remember seeing a couple of my own items with a similar inscription and also mention made by Bryant, Henry Chlanda and Wolfgang Baldus about the defaced postal stationary (card and envelope) showing Pres. Johnson from 1891.

Between us there are several examples where the defaced card/envelope has had "per Bookpost" handwritten on the front. To my knowledge all of these were addressed to H. Geisenhof in Hannover, Germany and I've personally not seen "Bookpost" on anything else.

"Printed matter" is a general term for printed materials (books, magazines etc) for which reduced postal fees are paid. The term "Book Post" was initially used in Britain from 1848.

However, quite how this system worked in Liberia is anyone's guess! And why Geisenhof would write this on a prepaid item is also anyone's guess!

If you can add anything to what we know about this let me know

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