More input from Liberian collectors

We have 52 people who have joined this Great forum but only myself and Manfred have joined in with discussions. Come guys and gals let all send in something to move this forum along. This could be the right spot for all LIberian stamp collectors. Thanks…Albert


  • Hi Albert,

    After a break from collecting all together, I am back and trying to get back up to speed on all that has been going on in the Liberian philatelic world.  It may take a little while as I dust off my collection but I am looking forward to it.


  • Travis

    If you have anything unusual in any of the following please let me know. These are my main areas of collecting now. Post any photos you have .Thanks…Albert

    #129-133, 072-075
    #64 and 128
    #176-182, 0111-0112
    #214-227a, 0141-0154a
    #0155, 0156, 0157

  • Hi Albert, 

    I will look through my collection and post anything of interest.  As you know, there are quite a few varieties of each of those!  #64 alone could keep you busy for years.  :-)

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