1892 postal reply card

I admit I haven't looked extensively, but has anyone seen the REPLY part of this card postally used?

The card came in 2 detachable parts - one for the sender to send a message to the recipient and the other for the recipient to detach and send a pre-paid reply back.

By definition, the sender would have to be in Liberia and the REPLY part of the card sent back to Liberia but I've never seen the REPLY part postally used.

I assume most if not all of the used cards would have been for collectors rather than genuine postal users


  • Hi Mik,

    I have one that was sent back to the sender - and sent back registered! So, they exist. I have a handful that are still attached, and no reply was ever sent. Then, I have one that was separated by the sender, and both sides were used as "one-way" normal postcards. This was written up in the Journal a while ago because both sides were cancelled in Arthington, and both sent to the same person a month or so apart from each other.
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