214-227a, 0141-0154a

I'm going post a few stamps from this issue. These stamps were printed by the State Printing Office in Berlin. The issue is know for it's diff types of paper. You may run across white, bluff and brown stamps. But the thing about these stamps are the lack of errors. I will try to list as many as i have in my collection.The 1st photo shows a block of 0149a with lower left corner fold over. The stamp was gummed and perfed before it was printed. I have shown the front and back. The 3rd photo shows 0149a with a double OS on it. The 4th photo shows 0149a pair with double OS and last photo shows 0149b with missing OS. All stamps shown are CTO. Does anyone have any more to show ?Scan 130
Scan 131
Scan 132
Scan 133
Scan 134


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    Here is a O149 corner block of six with part O149b, front and back. It should be obvious what happened - pretty much the same as with Albert's block. This one was washed (no gum), probably to help removing the wrinkles. That's why the "O S" overprints on the back look a bit faded.O149_error_bl6_frontO149_error_bl6_back
  • Hi Manfred,

    I haven't talked to you in a long time.  I am attaching some of my O149 errors.  Very similar to yours but mine are on the darker paper.

    Here is my double overprint.
  • Missing overprint...

  • Another missing overprint but this one is CTO....

  • Here's a photo of a cover to Montgomery Ward in Chicago dated 1926 with 217 and a red seal on the back. I see some covers to Montgomery Ward during the middle 1920's. But finding the 1923 German printed stamps on cover is real treat. Not many still around for us to collect. Thanks…AlbertScan 161
    Scan 162
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    Hello Travis,

    good to have you back! I had almost given up hope... ;-)

    Here are two more of my O149 errors:
    It looks like O149 exists with two different shades of blue.
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    Here are some photos of 0146 and 0148 both CTO showing 3 different shades. 0146 is hard to see but you can see the color shades on 0148. Does anyone else have any shades on this issue ? Thanks, AlbertScan 167
  • Here are some shades of O144: first stamp center in plain gray, frame in deep orange; second stamp center in some bluish (steel blue) gray, frame in light orange; third stamp on buff paper with center as first stamp, but frame in yellow. According to Michel the center is bluish black, which would match my second stamp. Scott says the center is dark green, but I just don't see it. N.B. yellow instead of orange has also been reported for the pineapple on Scott 223 (Rogers).
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