Another crash cover

Marty Nee wrote recently in the LPS Journal about crash covers recovered from a mail flight that crashed in the Pyrenees in 1938 (Martin Nee, “Liberia Aircraft Accident Mail”, LPS Journal, The Journal of the Liberian Philatelic Society, 6(4), October-December 2023, 16-17), and illustrated four covers from that crash. I just picked up another. It continues the Barclay harvest, although in this case the six Barclays make up way over the 21¢ airmail rate.

The reverse only shows that the sender was “D. van EE, Dutch House, Monrovia” as opposed to the intended recipient also “D. van EE” in Rotterdam.

Further to Marty’s description of the incident, information with the cover adds only the assertion that the impact was “10 metres from the summit”, the ‘plane was named “Ville de Toulouse” (Marty noted that it was routed to Toulouse on its way to Paris), and that the pilot was Henri Guy.

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