Looking for some reference material to identify the various forgers of the early issues (Fournier / Spiro / Ventwring etc.) I'd appreciate any suggestions.


  • Hi

    do you actually want info on the forgers themselves or the forgeries and how to identify them?

    Manfred Beier's website has a great side by side visual comparison of the 1860-1880 forgeries. Cockrill details specifically what to look for each issue/value
  • I should have been more clear.
    I have a couple dozen forgeries and thought I'd try to group them by forger.
  • Hi Gilldad

    There are others on the Forum with more expertise than me on this
    However I started doing the same thing a short while ago

    First, I used Mackal’s revised list of forgers (Mackal, R. P. First Issue Liberian Forgeries Revisited. Journal of the Liberian Philatelic Society Oct-Dec 1996 pp 6-16)

    I then used Cockrill’s descriptions to highlight 2/3 important features that I could compare for each value (Cockrill, P. Liberia Forgeries of the First Issues 1860-1880. Series Booklet No. 4) - eg flat cap versus round cap.

    Finally I use Manfred Beier’s website to compare a genuine versus a forgery to see how mine compares
    I'm fairly confident I've identified obvious forgeries but less confident about whether one is really genuine!

    Hope that helps!
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