Scott #93

On the quarterly members’ call yesterday (May 11th 2024), there was discussion of expensive/valuable single Liberian stamps, and the discussion turned to Scott #92 and #93.

I noted that a #93 is currently up for auction through a Swiss house, so, in case anybody is interested, here are details:
• Auction house: LE TIMBRE CLASSIQUE SA, 31, Route de Troinex, 1234 Vessy - Genève
• ‘Phone: +41 22 760 11 11
• Scott #93 unused with original gum certified by Friedl
• Minimum bid CHF500+++
• End date of bidding: Wednesday May 29th, 2024, 08:00 CEST

I saw this through Philasearch at:

I note with amusement that the website of The National Postal Museum describes their example of #93 as “Liberia’s most valuable” (at

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