Sad Items

Do you also have items in your collection that could have made great
collectibles, but unfortunately are almost completely ruined?
Perhaps a well prepared cover that wasn't robust enough to withstand the
dangers of traveling, or it did arrive in perfect condition, only to be
carelessly ripped open by someone who had no appreciation for the
beauty of such a postal item?

I have a number of these, but the one shown below is easily the worst of
them. A cover with a special cachet commemorating a conference held by
the International Rubber Study Group in 1955. Unlike FDCs, Liberian
covers commemorating special events are rare anyway - I have yet to find
another cover with this cachet - but this one was even sent on the last
day of the conference, October 24, 1955, and thus received the special
cancel celebrating the 10th anniversary of the United Nations. And then?
I still haven't figured out if it just fell in the mud during transport
or if somebody spilled coffee over it. Or worse. What do you think?1955-10-24_RUBBER_STUDY_GROUP_F
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