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Stamp designer G. L. Vasarhelyi

I collect stamps whose graphic It was made by stamp designer G. L. Vasarhelyi
Please help us which of the stamps from Liberia was created by the stamp designer G.L. Vasarhelyi
Thank you in advance


  • I know he designed these:

    Liberia 1974 UPU set (Scott #663-668, C201)

    Liberia 1973 World Health Org 25th Anniversary
    (Scott #641-646, C198)

    I only collect up to 1960 so I don’t have a lot of
    references beyond that.  Most Liberian stamps of the 1950s –early 1970s
    were printed in Philadelphia, PA, United States.  I am guessing that G. L.
    Vasarhelyi worked for Format International, Ltd of UK.  Format
    International did print a lot of Liberian stamps starting around 1973 but I do
    not have any information on who the designers were.

    Hope this helps.


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