1923 Issues from Germany

Does anyone have any unusual stamps of #214-227a, 0141-0154a to show. I'm looking for almost anything to add to my collection. Looking for any stamp with a Date of 1926 or 1927. Also looking for any Imperf Pairs. Can anyone help ? Thanks…Albert Little


  • Does anyone have 0141-0148 on bluff or brown paper ? What about any type of errors ?…Albert
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    Probably not what you are looking for, but I have some of the regular stamps with an unusual (late) usage: #218 and #224 on small 1940+ covers to stamp dealer Paul Sheridan, and 223a on a Jimmy Carter postcard sent 1978.

    I have only one stamp of this issue with a late contemporary date, on a cover sent from the Department of State in September 1927:

  • Albert

    not sure what you mean by "unusual"
    I have a number of these stamps spare.
    Some have early postmarks (eg 1923, 1924 etc,) some have cancels from Harper, Buchanan, Robertsport

    Also have a few spare of the officials on buff/brown paper

    happy to send a scan if they're of interest

  • Mikwizzy

    If you have any with dates of '1926 or 1927' send scans. Also if you have any 0141-0148 on buff or brown paper send scans. Thanks…Albert
  • Albert - will do (if I can figure how to attach a scan to the forum!)
  • Albert

    here's a scan of the brown/buff officials

    I don't have any cancels for 26 or 27
  • Thanks for the scans…But what i'am looking for is any of the values from 1cent to 25cent on buff or brown paper, #0141-0148. The values from 30cent to $5 are always found on buff or brown or white. As for the dates 1926 and 1927 these are very hard to find. Most dates are 1923,1924,1925. Very few are 1926,1927. Thanks…Albert
  • Albert, I'll keep my eyes open just in case!
  • A lot of speculation can be found in the literature about the nature of the buff and brown paper varieties. I just received a copy of the 1932 edition of the once famous German "Senf" catalog, and while checking the old Liberia listing I came across the following note regarding the 1923 varieties on "dark buff" paper: "According to the Imperial Printing Office in Berlin these (trial printings?) were delivered by accident." So, that's it - they are just trial runs on cheap paper that were accidentally mixed with the proper sheets.
  • Hi Albert,

    I looked through my collection and could not find any 1927 cancels but I did find a few 1926.  I also found a couple that seem to be the buff color.


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