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1918 Pictorial Question

Von Saleski states that the 1918 pictorial issues were first delivered to Liberia on December 12, 1916 but all references lists these as the 1918 pictorials.  I know that it is a shot in the dark since these are tough to find used, but does anyone have a pre-1918 cancel for this series?  It is hard to imagine that these sat around for a year before they were sold.  And with the climate in Liberia, sitting around for a year probably would not be good for them.  Thoughts?



  • The info about the date actually comes from the original Perkins Bacon engraving books, see Cockrill's Series Booklet 25, p. 66. And, I have always wondered the same thing: why would Liberia have waited more than a year before putting the stamps up for sale? I guess one year isn't much of a problem regarding the climate, thinking of the 1909, 1906 and earlier issues overprinted locally during the war. Still, the question remains, why would they wait?
    I can only imagine that they were still trying to "mulct the collector", as Boy's Life called it. Perhaps the earlier "emergency issues" sold well enough, so they opted for creating another overprint in 1917 instead of issuing the new definitives they already had?

    Having said that, it has become a routine for me to check the date whenever I see a stamp of this issue postally used. You never know ;-)


  • You are right about climate because most of the 1918 set that I have or have seen that are postally used are from the mid to late 1920s.  So they were sitting around somewhere waiting to be used. :-)

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