Scott Specialized catalogue


like many others I tend to use teh Scott catalogue for my Liberia items

I understand that there's also a Scott Specialized Catalogue available
Does anyone know how much more detail it provides on the Liberia issues? 


  • Hello Mik,

    I have the 1999 edition of the Scott classic specialized catalog. The Liberia section is only 7 pages long. I'll send you scans.


  • That'a the Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue 1840-1940 which covers the whole world from A to Z for those 100 years. It shows a little bit more info, but is priced at over $120 i think
  • OK, I have sent you a link where you can download the scan.

    Please note that the notation of the paper varieties of the 1923 issue seems to have changed over time. In the 1999 catalog the plain numbers referred to the cheapest variety, and the "a" numbers were the scarcer ones. In the current catalog, the plain numbers are for white and "a" for brown paper.
  • Manfred
    do you have a scan of the 2016 catalog 1840-1940 ?
  • Albert,

    no. When I said "current catalog" I meant the regular Scott catalog.
  • I have the 2011 Classic catalog and it is still only about 7 pages.
  • thanks guys

    hardly seems worth bothering

  • I just picked up the 2017 Liberia from Scott regular catalogue (not classic) and my initial glance shows no price increases.  I will look through it some more and see if I can get a list of what has changed.
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