1941 registration

I have the normal F35 1941 Registration stamp

I also have the same stamp with the surcharge innerted but can't find this listed anywhere
Does anyone else have one?


  • mikwizzy

    F35,E1,CF1,280-282,C14-16 are always around for sale. Many dealers ask high prices for them. Just look around on ebay i'm sure they pop up sometime. The errors were made to sell as far as i know. Maybe Manfred has more info on them.
  • It's true, the whole set of overprints exists inverted, but isn't listed anywhere. I have a few including F35.
    The normal overprints are already regarded as "speculative", apparently even more so the inverts. That's why not even Cockrill listed them.
    Personally, I don't understand this logic. Are the inverts "double speculative?"
    In my opinion all that matters is if this issue was valid for franking, and we know it was. I will list the inverts on this site once I have the complete set.
  • thanks guys

    (Don't know how you know so much :-) )
  • edited August 2016

    After 45 years of collecting Liberia…you just pick up a LOT of info. Also must of what i know was picked up during the 'hay days' of the LPS years ago. Not the LPS that we have now. Those were the 'good old' days of LPS. I wish it was like that now.
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