1880 6c

I have a 6c 1880 (Scott #18) which has a partial cancel that looks like Rogers Type XI

partial date is VII 16 which seems quite a late use for this stamp

Does anyone have 1880 with similar late use?


  • I don't have one in my collection, but Albert Little provided a scan of a cover for the Cover Gallery that has a #20 on it, and it was sent in 1920 from Monrovia to the U.S.A.:

  • Manfred

    thanks - 40 years after the stamp was issued!
  • Mik,

    I wonder if the reason they were available for such a long time lies in the fact that they had been issued without gum. The missing gum meant they could only be used if there was a glue pot around, other stamps were easier to handle. At the same time they were less susceptible to the tropical climate. The #20 on Albert's cover looks pristine.
  • Could be

    another reason is that "officially" they might have been withdrawn but staff in the post office may not always realise

    This was in the 20s 
    When I was there in the 70's literacy and numeracy generally were still very low

    I can imagine a clerk being told to cancel any stamp on the envelope and that's what he'd do - whether the stamp was valid or not

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