John Sacher Collection

I assume the name John Sacher will sound familiar to those of you who didn't start collecting Liberia only yesterday. Specialized in West Africa, he also wrote two articles on Liberian postal history that were reprinted in the LPS Journal. John Sacher died last summer, and his West Africa pre-UPU collection is now up for auction at Spink in London on December 13.
Naturally, being confined to the time before the UPU much of the material is prephilatelic - with some notable exceptions. Check out these lots:

1871 front to Paris, bearing 1866-69 24c. light green
1868 printed paper wrapper to Paris, bearing 1864 4c. red and 12c. blue
1864 envelope to London, bearing 1864 12c. blue
1862 printed envelope to Boston USA, bearing 1860 4c. red pair and 24c. green (2)
1861 envelope to Bristol, Maine, bearing 1860 6c. red and 24c. green
1860 envelope to New York, bearing 1860 6c. red and 24c. green
1867 envelope to Baltimore, bearing 1860 first transfer 12c. strip of three and a pair

I wish I could afford just one of them!
Do you have a favorite? Please share your thoughts (as soon as you've stopped crying after seeing the prices).


  • Manfred

    thanks for posting this

    Wow look at those prices. Be interesting to see  what they actually sell for - and who's buying!

    Pretty sure it won't be me!!!
  • Well, the auction is over. Of the seven covers listed above only five sold, and only one of them within the estimated price range. The other four sold for much less. Doesn't really sound like a bidding war. Perhaps the estimates were a bit too optimistic?

    1871: Estimate £1,000 to £1,200; Sold for £700
    1868: Estimate £8,000 to £10,000; Sold for £5,500 
    1864: Estimate £2,000 to £2,500; Sold for £2,400 
    1862: Estimate £10,000 to £12,000; Unsold 
    1861: Estimate £8,000 to £10,000; Sold for £5,500 
    1860: Estimate £10,000 to £12,000; Sold for £7,000
    1867: Estimate £15,000 to £18,000; Unsold 

    So, my favorite, the 1862 cover to Boston, is still available, I can still dream ...
  • Manfred

    remind your family that there's still time to get you this as a Christmas present!

  • Mik,

    it's too late for that: both covers were sold immediately after the sale, for prices way below estimate. I don't know the exact price of the 1862 cover, but the 1867 cover sold for £8000. No need to hope for a Christmas surprise...
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