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Love of Liberty 1949 1c stamps

Hi everyone :)

I recently came across I have a sheet of twenty of the 1c stamps, with a border. 

There is a signature of Arthur Szyk on that border at the bottom.

Do you think I have a novelty, or something valuable?



  • Hi,

    I am afraid it's neither a novelty nor particularly valuable. The whole set exists with Szyk's signature in the bottom selvage. Judging by how often the set of sheets is regularly offered on eBay - just search eBay for "liberia signed szyk" - he really must have signed huge numbers of sheets. Please note that Szyk apparently only signed the first issue perforated 11 3/4. I have never seen his signature on a whole sheet of the second issue with 12 1/2 perforation. On the other hand, all the complete first issue sheets I have seen so far were signed! It is almost like in that scene in "Notting Hill" in the bookstore, where she notices some book is signed by the author, and he replies: "Couldn't stop him. If you find an unsigned one, it's worth a fortune."

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