Air post issues 1944-45


I use pre-printed pages for my collection

I have a page for the 1944-45 air post stamps that were provisionally surcharged (C45-C50)

On the page I have space for C45 which is shown as having a "Violet surcharge" and for C48B also for "Violet surcharge"

In the basic Scott catalogue C45 is shown as V+bk which I assume means overprinted in Violet and in Black - although I've yet to come across a Violet surcharge

For C48B the surcharge is shown as only Bk

Does anyone have any more information on these 2 or is it an error on the pre-printed page?


  • C45: The surcharge does indeed exist in dark violet and in black, the obliterator line is always in black. The copy shown on has the violet surcharge, which is normal. The black surcharge is the variety.
    C48B: To my knowledge this surcharge only exists in black (there is a scarce variety with part of the obliterators in blue). This must be an error on your pre-printed page.
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