The 1921 Issue

This is a discussion on the 1921 (or 1920) Liberian Issue. It is an offshoot from the 1918 Issue topic, that veered a bit off track into this topic...

Does anyone have any information of this issue's Issue Date? Why does Michel think it was issued in 1920. Manfred showed two CTO stamps, one from Dec and one that looks like October. Since these stamps were manufactured earlier and delivered after the war, the paper trail is a bit different than a normal issue...

Also, would a 1920 Issue date have any relevance to the imposition of the 1921 overprint? I don't offhand remember the reasoning... a security issue?


  • Who knows what the old contract between J.W. West and Liberia looked like, but after an interruption of 6 years I could imagine they felt the need to differentiate between the stamps that had been seized by the British in 1914 and remainders that were shipped from Berlin after the war, possibly arriving in 1921 and marked as such? I don't think the overprint has anything to do with the date of issue per se, because in the case of the snake triangles Michel like all the others gives 1921 as year of issue for the stamps with and without overprint.
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