My Liberian home 1968-1970

While in the Peace Corps I was stationed in Cavalla, Liberia. Was the only PCV there and this was my home for the first year. Except for the Green Mamba that paid me a visit in my bedroom, this was a great home. Just to the right was the graveyard of many of the first missionaries that came to Cavalla.


  • Mike

    out of interest when were you there?

    I was in the UK equivalent of Peace Corps and based in Monrovia from 1971 to 1974

    Hence my interest in Liberia stamps
  • Arrived 2/68 and left Liberia 12/69. So you know the Liberia that I remember!
  • I have some interesting memories!
    Pres Tubman died just before I got there but things went on pretty much as before
  • While there, I got to know the future President of Liberia and had dinner at her mother's home in Monrovia. Peace Corps was still new then, I was on my phone etc. Now Peace Corps all have phones and computers. Times have really changed in the 50 years since I arrived in-country. Remember going to the main post office in Monrovia and the pot of glue and a brush. Stamps would not stick so you glued them apologies to all Liberian stamp collectors! Also we were told to never put a letter in a RL Mailbox. I guess a Peace Corps Volunteer working in Monrovia had the job of opening the boxes and found letters that were years old.
  • I worked at the university and personal mail came and went through the official mailbox and never the public ones

    And that was in the 60s and 70s so I'm always amazed that very early postage items are around
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