Let's do a little on #229. Here is a pair of them on a cut-out with R 1251. The left stamp is 'Ceuts' upside 'n'.


  • One more. #229 with missing wavy bars.

  • ok one more to show. #229 block of 4. Top left is 'Vwo' in place of 'Two'. Botom left has the bar in front of 'Cents'. Anymore guys ?

  • I also have a "Ceuts" one
  • Here is the full sheet with all most of the varieties: Vwo, Ceuts, space between n and t, etc.

  • I have many varieties for this stamp, have you seen this ine Al? One of my favorites.

  • Marty,
    I have never seen the Vwo double overprint until your posting.
    I like it a lot and understand why it would be one of your favorites.
    Have you seen others of this variety?
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