1915-16 Surcharges

I am exploring the scope of used copies of the 1 cent on 2 cent, and 2 cent on 5 cent strips of ten of the 1915-16 surcharges, Scott 153, 154, O87 & O88, as well as the less common 155, 156, O90 & O91. Used copies of this group are not very common, and legible dates are even tougher to find. But a recent acquisition that has piqued my curiosity is single copy of 154p with a Harper cancel (thanks, Martin). I am curious to find out if anyone has a used copy of any of these surcharges with other than a Monrovia cancel. Just because I like it, I have also attached a scan of an interesting cover of this issue containing pairs of the scarcer 156 & O91.


  • Can't help I'm afraid

    All mine are mint
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    I have a few bits and pieces from my exhibit. I may have another grungy one somewhere, bit unlikely. Looking at these, I found an error in my display that I need to correct!

    O90 14-XII-16 Early!
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    Actually dated 17-IX-20... I need to fix this page!
  • Bryant,
    Thanks for the input and the great scans you have presented. The early date and triple surcharges are great to see. However, I make the following observations, open to discussion:
    1. I do believe that all of your items (notwithstanding 156 and O91) are third setting, not second as stated. The third setting is the narrower surcharge, using the obliterator bars as the measure. The first and second settings are 24 mm wide, while the third setting is only 20 mm wide.
    2. Your line in red under the North Clarendon cover is incorrect - observe my scanned cover.
    3. I am still curious to know if there are any cancels on this set other than Monrovia, save for my lonely Harper cancel.
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