• Does anyone have a pair like this #111 ?
  • Does anyone have anything odd from this 1906 issue ? Numbers 101-113
  • Albert, following up on your last note, I am certain you are aware there exists an abundance of proofs, printer's waste, imperfs, etc, from this issue. However, it appears that your focus is on the cardboard proofs. Again there is much material out there, with all values existing both clean and clear, and also with various degrees of weak printing of one or both colors. But just to keep the conversation rolling, I have attached two cardboard items. The first is missing the elephant, and the second is somewhat scarce. Perforated cardboard proofs are very difficult to find. Does anyone have a perforated CARDBOARD proof in a value other than 20 cents?
  • In response to Albert's request for similar items, I have this:

  • In response to Greg's request I have the following perforated cardboard proofs. As far as I know, these are from the Perkins Bacon sample pages which have been cut up and sold separately. I recently spoke to Henry about the perforations and he believes that these were not done by Perkins Bacon.

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