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I am new to the Liberian Philatelic Society and am looking for recommendations for a catalogue that provides more detail about Liberian issues than what appears in the regular Scott listings. I have a copy of the Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue, but I'm interested in looking at more modern issues than those that appear there (ending with 1940). For a number of years, I've used the Stanley Gibbons East Africa catalogue for Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, so that provides an idea of the kind of detail I'm looking for. Thanks in advance!


  • David

    not sure exactly what extra detail you're looking for

    Both Manfred's and Travis's websites I find very useful

    Rogers and Saleski publications are also useful but can be hard to come by

    The Cockrill booklets are also hard to come by but go into a lot of detail on specific areas
  • A good question. Here's an illustration that might help show what I'm asking about. Tanzania's 1961 Fish definitive series was printed on two types of paper. Scott's regular catalogue does not show this information, whereas the listings in the Stanley Gibbons catalogue show the variant paper versions as "sub-issues" with first known dates of use. That's the type of info I'd be curious in seeing for Liberian stamps.
  • Hi David,

    I sent you an email but then decided to post here as well. Last year, the LPS received a large donation of books and material including the Cockrill, Rogers and Saleski books that Mik mentioned. You can see the listing in the Jul-Sep 2021 issue of the journal. I still have some of the books left if you are interested.
  • David

    from what you say Saleski would be my first choice followed by Rogers
  • The Cockrill Booklets, Rogers Book and Saleski Book are the best to have. They are loaded with facts and information on Liberia. Try to get all 3 if you can. Good luck.
  • Right on Albert, but let's not forget "The Revenue Stamps of Liberia" co-authored by our own LPS president Bryant Korn. It is the definitive work on Liberian revenues.
  • David

    Marty Nee has a couple of the Rogers book for sale on eBay
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