1927 2cent on 1 cent Added Large Red Numeral 2

I have two questions regarding this variety. First to canvas members to see who has this stamp in their collection, I would like to try to establish a census. Cockrill stated only two are known but this is incorrect. Korn has two, one on cover and one I sent him from the Varaschini collection. Chlanda has an additional three I believe. And I have one in my possession. Secondly, does anyone have any info regarding the reason the large "2" was applied? Cockrill stated the "2" was used to indicate the value on the top sheet of a bundle of sheets and was applied at the time of emergency printing. I am not sure that this is accurate but I have no other explanation. All known stamps are used, no mint are recorded. I have seen Monrovia and German Seepost cancels.


  • Marty

    I don't have one of these but two references that may be of use:

    a) Rogers mentions this in the LPS Journal Sep. 1971: 3–4[3]
    " This cover is franked 86 as foreign surface mail with #115, #164, #216 and a unique variety of #229, which has a heavy "2" high, 3$mn wide 3nun
    above the lrl'wll of "Two Centsrt of the normal surcharge and in the
    same red ink of the normal surcharge. Why? Oh why? such a big
    "2" over a large clearly printed, easily read IrTwo Centsfr. I have
    never seen another example of this variety on or off cover, Has
    arry member seen one ?"

    b) Cockrill also mentios this in LPS Sep. 1972: 5–6[5]
    "#229 variety- I have seen this in red with additional 2, but
    only unused"
  • Thanks Mik, Bryant has a cover so I will see if it's the same cover as you describe above.
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    Thanks Manfred, this is very helpful. Looks like we may be up to as many as eight stamps now with the two Xerox stamps.
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