Liberia #66a

How many #66a are in collections now ? Lets try to find out the number. thanks Albert


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    I have one copy. It has expert marks on the back, but I don't recognize them.
  • I have 4 copies now. A pair and 2 singles. All have the '10 May 1902' date and have the Buchanan
    cancel. 1 is signed but unable to read it. If any other LPS members have any please post the info.
  • I have one copy of Scott 66a, with Buchanan cancel dated "10 MA" with two penciled signatures on the reverse.  

    I also have a goregous pair of Gibbons 175 with a 10 May 1902 Buchanan cds nicely centered on the stamps.
  • I have prepared a page showing the 66A and SG 175 from the Lockard and Fosdyke Ray collections, plus my own and Marty's copies:
    If you send me your scans I will upload them there, too. Perpaps we find some matching pieces.

  • The photo of Lockard 52 is my pair 66a...thanks for the photo...anyone else have any 66a or SG 175 ?
  • I was going through some of the old threads and I have picked up a few things since 2014! I now own Fosdyke_Ray_2689 that is shown on Manfred's page plus the following items:

  • Albert's pair of 66A (Buchanan, May 10th 1902) appears in the intervening time to have come into my possession. I have a single too, also Buchanan, possibly also May 10th. Sadly, my photos of these have failed to upload using the icon above the drafting box.
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