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  • Not to mention the "progressive" printings of the souvenir sheet. Sheets exist with just one frame (1 cent), two frames (1 & 2 cents) and so on until all eight finally make up the sheet. Illustrated as an example is the sheet with six values c…
  • The missing bar is constant in the sheet of 50 (as overprinted). It is present in both the regular and official sheets, being the stamp in the top row of the sheet. Martin, you stated that you have not seen the official. I guess you have forgotte…
  • Looks like the scan didn't make it. Trying again.
  • Alan, I believe the scan is what you are looking for. Until I see your article with, I am sure, much more detail, I can only assume your "striped gum" means the fine parallel "grooves" in the gum. I also have imperf blocks of the 5 cent with smoo…
  • Just figured I would throw in a scan of the official version of the double surcharge, with inverted ones in 1920. Greg
  • Interesting discussion. In my experience it seems that the best way to determine if a surcharge is double or not is to focus on the vertical stem of the 5. It is always very thin. A sideways shift of the double surcharge becomes most obvious at t…
  • Yes I did. His name is Glen Campman. I have bought several items from him through the years. But I have seen no Arizona connection. His mail comes from Albuquerque, NM, and his contact info is in Las Vegas. Why do you ask?
  • Double overprint of 132, most visible in the thin vertical stem of the “5”. For those of you who have read Fred Farr’s and Henry Chlanda’s excellent articles on this issue in the July/September 2012 LPS Journal, I submit the following: Close inspe…
  • The July/September issue of the LPS has a wealth of information on this issue. This forum makes a great addendum to the articles therein.
  • Here are scans of the set of 8, as described by Manfred above. I have been tracking these on eBay for over a decade, and have only seen the toucan, buffalo, antelope and hippo, with the "approved by" stamp and signature, June 23, 1936, and always s…
  • A few observations. First of all, thanks to Manfred for his excellent scans of the genuine and fake surcharges. Regarding the differences between the two, the "t" is the most obvious, with the fake having a very short turn-up at the bottom, and al…
  • None in my collection, or even auction database.
  • Following is a list of all UNUSED inverted 1921 overprints on #195-208 and #O127-140 whose existence I can confirm. Rater than catalog numbers, I have used the stamps face value for easy identification. The lists are made up of those listed by Man…
  • Albert, I would also like a copy of those two papers if ok with you. I am at