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  • Here are the covers I mentioned...they didn't upload the first try.
    in Covers Comment by Alan June 21
  • Albert, I am working on getting every stamp on cover, so I have a few I can show you Where would you like me to start? In the mean time, if I can successfully upload the file, I'll share two non-philatelic covers. The first is from a missiona…
    in Covers Comment by Alan June 21
  • We are going to give this a try again - here's an updated (June 2020) Liberia Want List - using Scott numbers. Can anyone help me out with any of these? MINT 40 15c Vai Woman, Imperf Pair 64B Ordinary 71a Ordinary 99b dbl blk surcharge 99c d…
  • Greg Many thanks! Info is very helpful Alan
  • Interesting Albert - thanks for sharing that with us. Alan
  • Marty, I have never seen the Vwo double overprint until your posting. I like it a lot and understand why it would be one of your favorites. Have you seen others of this variety? Alan
    in #229 Comment by Alan September 2019
  • The stamp is the high value of a set of four. It's listed in Michel as 4711-14.
  • Here's another 177 quintiple overprint unlisted in Scott. That makes two documented copies in existence. Anyone else discovered a copy? Alan
  • Albert, I would agree it does not appear to be a handstamped OS so it cannot be a #90. If I had it, I would like to see if the cancel is over the ORDINARY or if the overprint was added after the cancel. I'd also like to get Henry and Bryant's ta…
    in #90 ? Comment by Alan August 2019
  • In over 50 years of collecting, I have secured three copies of 191a including a bottom margin copy. Rarely have I seen a copy available for sale. ps We could use 191a as our first census item since we've got it started here. …
  • I have 9 imperf C119 Travis Alan
    in Stamp Census Comment by Alan June 2019
  • Been there and done that - welcome back!
  • From my collection: