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  • Hi Mik, The actual die used in printing these would be much larger than the stamp design so the die could be defaced and extend beyond the design. Here is an example of a die that shows how they are quite a bit larger than the design. Another exa…
  • In response to Greg's request I have the following perforated cardboard proofs. As far as I know, these are from the Perkins Bacon sample pages which have been cut up and sold separately. I recently spoke to Henry about the perforations and he bel…
    in #111 Comment by Travis July 11
  • In response to Albert's request for similar items, I have this:
    in #111 Comment by Travis July 11
  • Hi Mike, I don't have any and from the responses, not a lot of others do either. If you do get the Palo albums, let us know what you think. Thanks, Travis
    in Palo Albums Comment by Travis June 6
  • I have a bunch of the 1918 proofs with about 20% are marked with "ED" in pencil on the back. I don't have any with initials other "ED". One thing I noticed is that "ED" is on regular size proofs as well as proofs that seem to be cut down to a smal…
  • Hats off to Mik for doing the heavy lifting on this project and for Manfred's technical knowledge for making it available to us. Thanks guys!
  • Hi Mik, I have Cockrill's booklet #9 and I do not see any information about when they were issued other than in 1916. I am not sure what you mean by overprinted "1916" unless I am thinking of a different issue. These were overprint "LFF". I am a…
  • This one is from 1933...
  • Hi Albert, I read them but I don't have any old catalogs laying around. I did make it into the Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library today and found an older Scott catalog. This image is from a 1948 catalog.
  • From the original sketch of the stamp, it just says"farming scene" and the ABNCo file copy doesn't add anymore information other than it was taken from the sketch. During the 1940s, rubber was Liberia's only export of any consequence and I have nev…
  • I remember reading about that and several other noted Liberian exhibitions. I am betting we all probably have some of those stamps in our collections.
  • I have not seen that one either nor could I find a reference.
  • Hi Albert, Here is a commercial cover with what looks like CP29 from Greenville?
    in Covers Comment by Travis April 2020
  • Hi Albert, Are you looking for commercially used covers? If so, I am sure there are a bunch of those addressed to National Bellas Hess, Montgomery Wards and Sears. I will look to see if I have anything interesting. Travis
    in Covers Comment by Travis March 2020
  • Here is the full sheet with all most of the varieties: Vwo, Ceuts, space between n and t, etc.
    in #229 Comment by Travis August 2019
  • I have a full sheet of O112, double overprint, 1 inverted. I zoomed in on the upper corner so you can see it better.
  • Hi Albert, I am not sure how many are out there but I have three of them and over the years, I have seen eleven sell at auctions, including a block of 4. One would assume that an entire sheet was produced which would mean that there could be as ma…
  • I have one missing the bar. I probably got it from Marty. I don't have any of the official missing the bar.