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  • sorry Alan can't help with these
  • Travis, I'm slowly going through the old copies of the Journal which are now available online. It;s surprising how often Liberia issues crop up
  • Just noticed that jjroberts has an imperf pair with gum for sale on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Liberia-1903-3c-inland-Postage-IMPERFORATE-PAIR-94/372994191345?hash=item56d82faff1:g:hMYAAOSwmj5ec6p-
  • Bryant my pair does have gum so similar to your block of 4
  • thanks both I assumed this was a dealer and/or someone who could expertise A Google search finds no one with that name associated with either Liberia or philately Saleski mentions an imperforate variant of the 1903 issue ( S112B) but no mention o…
  • here it is
  • If only the other sheets were as easy to identify!
  • I'm still trying to make sense of some of these sheets that I have On his website Manfred shows what he describes as color proofs where all the stamps are printed in the same colour - ie the artwork is the same as the original SS, the stamp (the ce…
  • This also got me thinking We call some stamps "forgeries" The word in English has particular meaning and implies a criminal activity I'm sure some of the forgeries were made and passed off as original/real in order to make money under false preten…
  • I wish all the Liberian forgeries were that easy
  • Manfred thanks, looks like for these forgeries will be obvious unlike the earlier stamps of this type If it looks like a forgery - it is! If it doesn't look like a forgery - its genuine!
  • Tom this is of little help but I have the same problem. The forgeries I have for #16 and #17 are blindingly obvious I have authenticated Fournier forgeries of both which I've used for comparison but I still can't really tell what's genuine and wha…
  • I also have a "Ceuts" one
    in #229 Comment by mikwizzy August 2019
  • Albert I only have ones with a bar showing
  • Also, as I commented earlier it seems very odd that some of the cancels are dated for a Sunday - why would the Post Office be cancelling on such a day? Also, of the 5 cancelled stamps I have, 3 are on paper where the reverse shows what I think Manf…
  • As usual not much I can add seredag, you mention two fonts for the "5" Checking my own I see the following: is this what you meant?
  • Bryant thanks I had assumed gum would be a legitimate stamp and no gum a probable proof but it's good to get it confirmed
  • I worked at the university and personal mail came and went through the official mailbox and never the public ones And that was in the 60s and 70s so I'm always amazed that very early postage items are around
  • I have some interesting memories! Pres Tubman died just before I got there but things went on pretty much as before
  • Mike out of interest when were you there? I was in the UK equivalent of Peace Corps and based in Monrovia from 1971 to 1974 Hence my interest in Liberia stamps
  • For the Officials I have 25c 10 Apr 1914 - Friday 75c 15 Mar - Sunday 75c 27 Mar - Friday
  • Coming ate to this discussion Not much to add I have the 129-133 on individual pieces cancelled: 15 Mar 1 Mar 25 Mar 15 Mar 15 Mar According to a date calculator 15 March 1914 was a Sunday ! as was 1st March 25th was a Wednesday
  • For my benefit - and maybe others! - how do I tell the difference between a CTO and a non-CTO cancel? I have the 10c with a Monrovia cancel and the 50c also
  • Here are my copies of the 156 - hopefully genuine!
  • Manfred thanks again
  • Further to this, I see in Saleski's publication that he lists a) Color proof of SS design without stamps (in black, deep green, blue, red) and b) Color proof of SS. No stamps and stamp border in one of 8 colours Can anyone clarify what the diffe…
  • Travis thanks As I commented it seems odd that so little has been written about the souvenir sheet I couldn't see anything in the LPS journal either
  • Bryant presumably at this time much of the use of postal services generally would be by business and by government rather than private individuals Even when I was there in the 70s the business sector was quite small so possibly the Government agen…
  • Interesting that Liberia would place a contract in 1915 with Germany, in the middle of World War I rather than with the UK or USA Liberia itself didn't declare war on Germany until 1917 (along with USA) Given the German sea blockade of the UK in p…
  • Alan thanks for the post Interesting connection with Bileski My own interest in Liberian was posted earlier I found the country fascinating when I was working there and the people amazingly friendly I collect Liberian from the first issues up u…