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  • I wish I did Manfred. I have never seen one but I am still looking....
  • Albert, I would love copies of those two papers, Could you send a photocopy to Many thanks! Alan
  • I think this is a worthy goal for the LPS; one that would prove very useful and informative.
  • Mikwizzy, I agree you have to stop somewhere. I decided to collect 150 years of Liberian stamps, so go from 1860 to 2010. I know, that's 151 years...but stopping at 2009 just didn't seem right. Getting anything used from the last twenty years is …
    in Why Liberia? Comment by Alan March 2018
  • I looked, and at this point, I have nothing to add to the list.
  • My dad started collecting worldwide stamps while hospitalized. recuperating from wounds received during the Battle of the Bulge. It amazes me that if he hadn't fallen in the snow and his wounds froze, he would have bled out before I was born. Sta…
    in Why Liberia? Comment by Alan March 2018
  • I agree that the inverted centers were purposely printed, and I too don't care as I really love that Ashmun issue. In my collection I do have what might be considered a true invert error of Scott 336, the 5c Ashmun.
  • Here's a few items I would like to add to my collection. I can trade or buy. I am using Scott catalog numbers. All listed are for mint/unused copies. 64B 35 imperf pair 39 imperf pair 42 imperf pair 71a 99b dbl blk surcharge 99c dbl surcharge, r…
  • Travis, I checked but have nothing to help you with on this question.