Specimen Postal Stationeries

Marked as “SPECIMEN.” in punched unserified capital letters 4¾ mm high and ~30 mm in length overall. This type also appears on a few stamps, e.g. Scott 64.
Numbers are from Shoemaker (2012): Liberian Postal Stationery.

  • Post Cards

    • View from the Seal of Liberia

      the three “Specimen” inscriptions shown below are constant types; apparently, they were applied by a press, not by hand.
      • sPC #5 SP I
        VS - 
      • sPC #5 SP II
        VS - 
      • sPC #5 SP III
        VS - 
    • President Johnson

      dimensions of overprint: 20 x 2½ mm;
      it has yet to be determined whether this item is genuine or an ordinary postcard with a bogus overprint.
      • unlisted