1916 military stamps M1-M7

I'm doing a bit of research into the 1916 military stamps and any information would be helpful (I'm familiar with the articles by Hamilton and Korn but can't get hold of a copy of Cockrill #9)
Although overprinted "1916" there seem to be no information as to exactly when these stamps were issued and over what period they were in use or how many were issued

Hamilton mentions they were in use over a period of about 6 months but not exactly when
there's also mention of only a few postally used covers with other cancels being CTO's

If you've any information about when these were issued and/or used I'd be grateful


  • Hi Mik,

    I have Cockrill's booklet #9 and I do not see any information about when they were issued other than in 1916. I am not sure what you mean by overprinted "1916" unless I am thinking of a different issue. These were overprint "LFF". I am attaching a couple of scans you might find interesting. I have more sheets if you would like to see them.

  • Travis

    thanks for the reply
    Apologies - my post should have read overprinted "IN" 1916

    The London Philatelist mentions these overprints in its July 1916 edition
    The majority of cancels I've tracked down - like yours - are from 1919/1920 suggesting these stamps continued to be used long after their intended use (not surprising given its Liberia)

    The earliest cancel I've noted was in a Cherrystone auction in 2011 and showed a July 1916 date

    My research to date suggests that the Kru rebellion had been crushed by June 1916

  • Anyone else have cancels for these showing dates?
  • Hi Mik
    I have several LFF covers, most cancelled in 1920, several are to van Duesen. Also have one cancelled in 1919 addressed to Parche.
  • Thanks Alan

    Accepted wisdom seems to be that the stamps were given to LFF troops (not sure of the numbers issued) for them to use when on the campaign

    As I said, the rebellion was suppressed by June 2016 after which the LFF troops would disperses somewhat

    Could the issue have been more of a "Victory" commemorative once the rebellion was over?
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